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Grades 6-8 ART

About your Teacher: 
Subjects Taught:
Visual Arts 6th-8th
High School Diploma:
Millington Central  High School 1992
Bachelor Degree:
Bachelor of Fine Arts 
University of Memphis  1997
Master Degree:
Master of Arts and Teaching 
University of Memphis  1999
Mrs. Donnelly has been teaching Visual Arts for 21 years. This is her eleventh year teaching at Community Middle. In addition, Mrs. Donnelly taught  Art I-IV and Art History  at Hamilton High and Raleigh Egypt High in Memphis Tennessee.   She is also the Student Council Sponsor and RTI2B Tier 2 Coordinator.
Mrs. Donnelly is originally from Millington TN in Shelby County.  Her husband of 25 years is a Chemistry teacher at Marshall County High School.   She has two children  (Amelia -age 15 and Cullen-age 10). During her spare time, Mrs. Donnelly  enjoys spending time with her family, reading, watching movies, drawing, crocheting, sewing and spending time with her two cats, Annabelle and Callie.
I look forward to having each of you in class this year.  Whether I am teaching in person or online, I hope that you enjoy my class.  There are so many fun projects for us to create this year.  
Coming soon! 
Art Supplies 
Art Room Fee:
There is a $5.00 fee for art supplies. This fee is to buy paints, clay, printmaking supplies, paintbrushes, paper, etc.. Please send in the art room fee as soon as possible.
Each student should bring a binder or folder with notebook paper and pencil to art class every class period.  
Colored pencils, markers and sharpies are supplies that students need to buy depending on their grade level.